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T-Shirt Design - Razor Angel

This is the latest design up on my store, called Razor Angel. This is the back of the shirt.

I'm thinking about modifying it slightly to move the wings farther apart. Hopefully I'll be adding more designs and getting more interest. I also have this mad idea to print up a run of shirts and take them to Gaelcon, but that'll depend on the cost of travel, accomodation, and the trade stands in the con.

That reminds me, I need to email the mysterious entities who run Gaelcon.

Anyway - I want feedback and suggestions! Comment here or tweet at me to get my attention.


Really nice, love the designs. problem is tshirts never suit me when the collar chokes me on the neck, if they can be made on tea shirts with lower rounded necklines etc, would be more inclined to get them. I always find this problem with tshirts with great designs as a lot of women may do. Hope that makes sense


Actually Skreened will let you put the design on a range of different shirts - one of them is a short sleeve V-neck :)


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