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Tensions running high

So... a large number of Irish citizens march on Dáil Eireann, with the purpose of expressing their opposition to the way in which the Irish government has collectively thrown the country into a spiral of debt and economic decay. The video above is a sample of what happened as a result. It was a planned protest gone horribly wrong.

I've found some information from the Irish Times and the RTÉ website.

I can't embed it, but there's a video here where you can see the gardaí shoving people back, and hear the crowds shouting "No Fianna Fáil Crooks!"

Information about it seems very sketchy right now. I can't get a clear idea of what happened. Were there any arrests made? (added by edit: apparently not) The gardaí can claim what they like about numbers, but the videos show more than five hundred protesters.

Here's another Irish Times article that lists eight hundred people attended the protests.

My big fear is that this will be the start of more protesting, more violence. It ended peacefully this time, but will that last when the full effects of NAMA and the bank bailout start to hit home?


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